New URL!

Hazard_XI finally snagged me some What will I do with it now that I have it? Probably just redirect it to for now. But I imagine I’ll eventually move my website over there.

Don’t go changing all your contacts just yet, people. I’ve got other things to worry about right at the moment.

Also? What’s a website?

I Was Going to Write a Poem Today

but it was April Fool’s Day
my youngest home sick
and I never feel right
putting a screen between him and I
— so I spent my day
stripping beds,
loading and unloading laundry,
sharing an episode of Pokémon
Diamond and Pearl,
scrubbing pots and dogs
and tabletops,
kissing a forehead for fever.

He was hungry
but food didn’t feel right.
We tried
toast with only a skiff of jam,
a banana,
a bowl of rice,
another slice of toast,
please just a little more jam.

I was going to write a poem today
but it’s time for bed
good night.


Image taken from page 348 of '[The National and Domestic History of England ... With numerous steel plates, coloured pictures, etc.]'The best thing about flickr in its current incarnation is that it’s super easy to find things to complain about. Unfortunately, the more they screw it up, the less confidence I have that it will ever be truly usable again.

Unfortunatelier, the more they screw it up, the more I really want to use it.


If you’re a flickr user, you can find me here.