Hi, I’m Terry

I’m a writer, a father, a designer, and a guy who sometimes represents himself on the internet as a Kewpie figurine. This page on the internet is a page intended to tell you more about me, about where you can find me, and why you might even bother looking.

My things in no particular order (except the order I chose to put them in, so actually in a particular order but not one that will make much sense to anybody but me).

  • You Are a Dog. This is a book. You should see a picture of the book pictured to the right of here, and if you click on a link to the book here you can go to see a place where you can purchase the book that is called Amazon.com. You can also buy a Kindle version. Visit my page at Random House for other places to buy the dead tree version or the e-book version.
  • We Are the Cat. This is another book. It’s not quite what they call “in print” anymore—not because it wasn’t an awesome and hilarious book, but because not as many people bought it. Currently working on putting it into e-book form so you can get it that way and discover for yourself how awesome and hilarious it is. Or buy a used copy. That works too.
  • I tweet at @TerryBain. (I also had a tweet in this book, which seems weird now, but remains true forever.)
  • You can fan or follow or or friend or fiend me on Facebook too, if you’re into that.
  • Some other social medias: Axis (flickr), @TerryBain (Instagram), Post Street (Tumblr).
  • Write One Leaf is a Tumblr blog of writing prompts that encourages readers to write something every day, a process that begins by moving your hands in a manner that resembles writing. I am the proprietor. Write One Leaf is Me. Write One Leaf can also be found on Twitter and Facebook if you’d rather follow along there.
  • Notes from Kewpie is a newsletter of things that may or may interest you about your host, Terry Bain. Sign up to find out if they interest you or not.
  • Google+ is a link to me on a Google thing for plussing things on Google that are mostly circular (or something). I don’t really get it (yet) but I have it and so if you have it and you are interested, that’s where you’ll find me not quite getting it (yet).
  • My Amazon.com author page. You may or may not find this useful. Most of what you’ll find on this page is stuff I’ve already said on the page you are currently reading. But if you follow the link, you are also one step closer to purchasing one of my books, and that makes me one step closer to happy.
  • pia

    hi terry,
    wanted to let you know that your book, you are a dog, is one of the best books i have ever read! thank you

    • http://bainbooks.com Terry

      That’s very kind of you to say. Thank you. Tell all your friends!

  • Janet Pomerantz

    Terry, if anyone can get into any sea monkey’s mind, it’s you. I have complete faith in your abilities!!!

  • Janet

    Terry I absolutely love your books. I’ve had them since they were published and re-read them whenever I feel blue or sad or whenever. I now have three cats and one Maltese dog, and you have them down to a T. Are you going to write more? I hope so.

    • http://bainbooks.com Terry

      Very glad to hear that you enjoy my books (and glad to hear from you in general). I do hope to write more books, but it’s infuriatingly difficult to get inside the mind of a sea monkey. Blessings to you.

  • Galen

    Terry, this is Galen from (well you know who) need your quick help understanding publishing look for my email address in contacts

    • http://bainbooks.com Terry

      Just notices this. What’s up? Not sure I understand what you’re asking for (now that it’s almost a month old).

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