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It’s Not Who You Know

My agent, Jenny Bent, has an interesting and informative series of blog posts developing on her blog posting website (also known as a “blog”) in which she details the “it’s not who you know but what you write” aspects of landing an agent.

This is #2 in my series of posts which are meant to demonstrate that you don’t need connections to be successful in publishing–just a really good query and manuscript.

Bent on Books

A Few Words About The Talk Show


Along with those things, I want to thank Dan Benjamin for doing both of the previous incarnations of The Talk Show with me. Dan’s a natural born co-host, and we did an awful lot of good (and occasionally, dare I say, great) shows together. Two years ago, Dan had the idea to launch and grow a podcast network targeted not necessarily at the biggest tech/nerd audience, but rather the best tech/nerd audience. He was right, it worked, and I’m proud The Talk Show was a part of that. Lastly, to long-time listeners of the show, I want to express my sincere appreciation for your support, feedback, and attention. Daring Fireball: A Few Words About The Talk Show.

What’s missing from this post: “I handled this transition poorly. I’m sorry.”

This is the kind of thing Mr. Gruber gripes about other people not doing all the time (just be honest and say you screwed up and move on), and rightly so. It’s pretty simple. “A Few Words about The Talk Show” should have come before the transition, or very soon after it. Instead, he picked up his boat and flung it into strange water and acted surprised when all the passengers asked why he wasn’t steering away from that giant iceberg.

But enough already. I’m sort of over it. And I can honestly say that though I’ll likely give the new new Talk Show a couple more tries, so far I’m just not that impressed.

So, onward.