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RIP Lucius Shepard

The Jaguar HunterI’ve just heard the news that Lucius Shepard died. It’s terrible as it is when someone dies, there is an added twist of pain or anxiety or something when it happens to be a person whose life has touched yours, especially when your experience of them is hidden somewhere in the past.

When I was much younger–a teenager, if you must know–I read a great deal of fantasy and science fiction, and one of the authors I admired was Lucius Shepard. I didn’t admire him enough to read everything he wrote, or to follow his progress much beyond my teenage years, but that probably doesn’t mean very much. I abandoned most of the writers I enjoyed as a young person for reasons I’ve never really been about to explain myself.

Later on, when I made myself into a book designer, I spent some time working for the independent publisher Four Walls Eight Windows, and as such I found myself with a project by none other than this writer I’d admired. They were adding a previously uncollected story to The Jaguar Hunter, and wanted the story title and the text itself to match the rest of the book—and that’s where I came in.

Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.20.40 PM Screen Shot 2014-03-26 at 2.19.58 PM

I remember doing the typeface research for this book… this was the sort of project that was always a lot of fun, digging through type libraries for clues. Of course it’s even easier now, and I kind of miss the sleuthing it took to get just the right face.

Though it’s kind of hard to tell without actually holding the physical book, I’ve been looking at previews of those pages online, and I have to say I think I did a decent job. (I don’t remember if the publisher ever sent me a copy of the book. Usually they did, but I just don’t remember getting this one.)

I’m saddened by the news of Lucius Shepard’s death, but I’m glad that I got to contribute just one tiny iota of consistency to his impressive career.

Lucius Shepard at Wikipedia

The Bold Italic Logo is Neither

I do not understand why the logo for The Bold Italic is neither bold nor italic. Is it supposed to be ironic?

(Admittedly, I didn’t know what The Bold Italic was until I saw their t-shirt, which struck me because it just wasn’t italic. I suppose you could make a case for it being bold… but I’m not going to make that case because it looks to me to be calligraphy or a calligraphic font which I bet a thousand dollars [not really] doesn’t have more than the one weight, and I’m clearly overthinking this.)

Keep Calm and Candy Corn Shirt


There have to be some people who love candy corn, don’t there? You? Do you love candy corn? If there isn’t anybody, then why do they keep making the stuff?
And while we’re talking about it, is there a company that makes better candy corn than others? Isn’t it about time we have a gourmet candy corn? Somebody jump on that, okay?