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I really wish Sony would have gotten this right because frankly it looks utterly cool.

…taking pictures, editing pictures, and even getting the whole machine up and running is so complicated and time-consuming that I have trouble imagining most people will go through the process more than a few times.

via A camera for your cameraphone: Sony Cyber-shot QX10 and QX100 review | The Verge

Maybe next time?

New Apple Won’t Turn Brown

Oh boy!

Okanagan’s application to the Agriculture Department says the lack of polyphenol oxidase does not harm the apples or the trees. It says Arctic Apples are generally equivalent in nutritional content to nonengineered apples.

Growers Fret Over a New Apple That Won’t Turn Brown 

What do you want to bet these new genetically altered apples taste even more like mealworm.

Hands On With Microsoft Surface for Windows RT

Sorry, Gizmodo, this is not a hands on, it’s a hands off.

[E]very single Surface tablet Microsoft let us put our hands on either was turned off, or didn’t have a keyboard connected.

Hands On With Microsoft Surface for Windows RT

I’m sick of the “news” sites that claim they have experience with a object when they have bupkis.

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Unveils Surface

Idiots writing tech for the Wall Street Journal:

[U]sers will be able to use work-oriented tools like Microsoft Word and Excel programs, not just be used for watching movies and surfing the Web.

Wall Street Journal

Have they ever even used an iPad? I kind of doubt it. There are more serious business apps in the Apple App Store than a Microsoft “tablet” could ever hope to run.

Tangled Furs

It’s been a tough couple of days, and I don’t know exactly what to do with myself. Maybe I should just flatten myself out on the floor and see if anybody notices. Or maybe I should stand in the rain and see if anybody notices. Or maybe I should write things and post them on the internet. And. See if anybody notices.

That’s the thing, then. Noticing. Seeing if anybody notices. Does anybody notice?

If you did, how did you get here? I can check my analytics, to be sure, but that’s boring. I’d much rather you tell me. Because then it will be like the two of us conversing. It will be like we are pen pals.

Remember pen pals? When people who didn’t otherwise know each other would write letters back and forth about their lives?

We have replaced this with blogging and twittering and facebooking , I suppose. I tell you about me. Or I talk about some new Apple product. Or I write about writing. And then you respond in the comments or on your own blog. Or you tweet about a Facebook post. Or you add a bookmark to your bundle. And we get to largely ignore each other that way. We can get personal, but it’s not really personal, is it? Most of the time it’s not really meaningful.

Sometimes it is. Don’t get all out of joint about it. I’ve seen people on Tumblr or Twitter or Schnozbot get extremely personal. Fall in love, even. Fall out of love. Break up and get back together. Have entire virtual relationships that are based on nothing but animated gifs. But that’s not really what I’m talking about. Because I see all that stuff. I am an observer. And my observation of the “relationship” (I hate that word relationship) diminishes the thing, doesn’t it? It’s like my observation of the subatomic particle means it’s not really there.

Is there not an additional meaning to a relationship when–at least in the beginning–it’s largely carried out in private? Isn’t there something to be said for those initial stages happening behind closed IP addresses?

Maybe not. Maybe I’m carrying on like a codger because I am a codger. Maybe I’m about to tell you something about the good old days. But I don’t think so. I think there’s something missing from your life. Not just my life. But your life. And when I tell you there might just be something missing from your life, I don’t really expect you to care. Because there have been things subtracted from lives forever. So long as we’ve been able to build a fire we’ve been complaining about how it used to be when we had to entangle ourselves beneath the furs just to keep from freezing to death. I’m just another in a long line of people to do so. But that doesn’t invalidate it. It just makes me part of the tangle. I’m comfortable being a part of the tangle.

And I miss those furs. I miss ‘em something awful.